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Lucky Sole Shoe Repair, LLC is a family-owned and operated, traditional shoe repair shop, with a definite old school vibe. This “one-man” shop has been offering quiet conversation, exceptional workmanship and basically fixing peoples soles for over 23 years. Hanging on the wall as you enter the shop you’ll find the words: I can Heel you, I can save your Sole, but dyeing is negotiable.

Lucky Sole started as an idea while Craig Williamson, founder, was navigating his way through life. Craig had grown up around shoe repair shops, both his father and his uncle had mastered the trade. He loved the smell of leather and hung around his uncle’s shoe shop even as a small child. As he grew, his uncle taught him how to run the machines and what was needed to repair shoes and boots.

Craig found the idea of owning his own shop intriguing, and began to research and buy equipment which he stored in his garage, hoping and planning that one day he’d open his own shop. Craig was also a full-time Ski Patrolman at Sundance for 40 years. In the offseason, he would repair shoes in his garage. He eventually acquired enough equipment to open his own shop.

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Lucky Sole Shoe Repair

Dax, this 3rd generation, will “heel you, save your sole, but dyeing is negotiable.

Lucky Sole Shoe Repair, LLC, opened its doors in October of 1997 at 173 West Main Street in the heart of Lehi, Utah. The current proprietor, Dax Williamson, Craig’s son, followed in his dad’s footsteps and hung around the garage first, then the shop, learning to operate the equipment, chat with customers, and finish a repair job with expert ease. With Craig’s failing health, Dax has committed to carry on the family legacy and keep the shop open and running. It’s shaping up to be a new beginning! Regular hours, undeniable customer service, and the dying art of handcrafted workmanship.

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